Works from Mersud’s art exhibition at the Central European University, Budapest Hungary. The art works contain paintings of different portraits on the theme of silence. Silence is where everything starts. Mersud birthplace is silenced. This is where he grew up and would like to depict his silence in paintings. But silence can also be a problem. In Bosnia, where Mersud is from, it is not unusual that injustice happens to women.

The women he depicts are Roma women. They hide a lot of emotions inside themselves – a kind of a suffering. Yet he wants everybody to realize that Roma people are no different than other people. They are like everyone else.

My people have had silence imposed on them.
To achieve clarity, each of us must speak for himself/herself.

Mersud Selman

Mersud is inspired by Roma women who, according to him, hide many emotions within their own soul. But they choose silence instead and suffer inside. This is the way Mersud sees and portrays them in his paintings.

The works are the same size (60×80), and the same medium (Acrylic on Canvas).

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