June 2023Neplivej mi do tváře / Do not spit in my face
Novoměstská radnice, Prague, Czechia
June 2022Young Romani Artists. YRA22
Group exhibition
Gallery Kai Dikhas in Berlin, Germany
Virtual Exhibition
September 2019Beauty & Violance
Gallery Kai Dikhas in Berlin, Germany
February 2018My language
(with body performance)
Hotel Mellain in Tuzla, Bosnia
August 2017Sara Kali – The dark Madonna
Performance mit Mihaela Dragan
December 2017Women Reflection
Gallery Kai Dikhas in Berlin, Germany
August 2017Reflection in the Water
Atelier 5 in Rheinfelden, Switzerland
April 2017The Life in Images
Center of Communication and Culture for Queer People
International week against discrimination
in Munich, Germany
March 2016SILENCE – Women Portraits
Center for Arts and Culture of the CEU in Budapest, Hungary
December 2015Reflections
Group exhibition, Gallery Banski Dvor in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegowina
September 2015Voli me, ne voli me
(engl. Love me, don’t love me)
Photography exhibition, Discrimination of Women
Gallery Zvono in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegowina
June 2015Intimate Autoexpression
Das Studion im2ten, Wien, Austria
December 2014Teret (engl. Burden)
National Day of Minorities in Bosnia and Herzegowina
Gallery ALU, Academy of Arts in Sarajevo
May 2013Love is the most beautiful when you are waiting for it
Group exhibition, Gallery San Fedele in Milan, Italy

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